Who I Am

Welcome to Knit Read Pray, a new podcast all about knitting, books, and bible study. I'm your host, Laura Gesin.

This shawl is the Mizzle swawl in yarn hand dyed by The Flying Kettle.

My grandmother was an avid knitter and tried to teach me many times when I was younger. Unfortunately, she was left handed, and I just couldn't adapt her way of knitting to my pedestrian life as a right handed person. However, 6 years ago, a talented student named Amanda Zukofski (who has since had many more fibery adventures) conducted an afterschool workshop all about knitting.

Finally, I could knit!

I've been knitting (almost) daily ever since.  In each podcast episode, I will share what I'm currently knitting, what yarn I'm craving, and what I'm dreaming about casting on in the future.

I learned to read a lot earlier in life than I learned to knit.  I love reading so much that the summer after my fourth grade year I read one Nancy Drew book a day and a few years ago, I started the Game of Thrones series on the last day of school and finished the last book the night before school started up in September!  A number of people refer to me as "the book whisperer", and a list of books I've read over the years can be found here.

Each episode, I'll share what I've read recently that I recommend... and those occasional books that I wish someone had warned me about! (I'm a sucker for a beautiful cover.)

I'm also a Christian and currently participate in online bible studies; I started doing studies online during the winter of 2014-2015 when it was beyond cold in the Northeastern US. I've completed Conversation Peace Mary A. Kassian, Believing God by Beth Moore, and Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer this past year. The last third of the podcast is devoted to what I'm currently studying.  Right now, I'm running a bible study on Facebook with Seamless by Angie Smith. Come join us!

Occasionally I'll chat about other topics, most likely my own children or my students.  I'm a high school technology teacher, and I love my job!  One of the best thing about being a teacher is field trips - below is picture of me meeting a T. Rex at the Museum of Natural History on the senior field trip this past September. I'm wearing my Clockwork by Stephen West in the most amazing Dream in Color Smooshy!